Car Rust Proofing / Protection in Kitchener Waterloo

Dynomite Detailing is the Choice Provider of Car Rust Proofing and Oil Spray Services in Kitchener Waterloo

At Dynomite Detailing, we work hard to provide the best rust protection service for all our client’s cars. We are the premier provider of car rust proofing in Kitchener and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians are well trained and qualified to provide premium quality rustproofing for your car.

Why You Should Rust Proof Your Vehicle

The volume of salt used to keep roads free of ice is quite excessive. Some of this salt and brine can get on your car and cause corrosion. Most modern cars may come with corrosion warranties, but they have many sheet gaps and spot welds where rust can develop. With our professional experience and in-depth knowledge of rustproofing and undercoating, we can help you protect your car and maintain its value.


Benefits of Using Our Rust Protection Services

* Low Repair Costs: Annual rustproof protection at Dynomite Detailing will minimize the cost of body repairs. In fact, rustproofing will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance in the long run.

* Longer Vehicle Life: You will be able to use your car for as long as you want and the body will remain in excellent condition.

* Safer Vehicle: Rust proofing prevents possible breakdown caused by corrosion.

* Higher Resale Value: Corrosion can decrease the value of your vehicle and protection will minimize the effects of corrosion on your vehicle.


Rust Proofing Gives Your Car Total Protection

We offer full corrosion protection with sealants that take care of virtually every part of your car. Our rustproofing experts know how to apply the best protection methods for the frame, hood, doors, trunk, fenders, cab corners, wheel wells, body mounts, sheet metal seams and underbody. We apply superior tar-based undercoating as well as oil spray treatment.


Undercoating for New and Old Cars

Undercoating of your vehicle will provide a permanent shield against rust. Our special undercoating service involves spraying a tar-like chemical on wheel wells, floor plans, and other parts of the underbody of your vehicle. This substance will become hard and serve as a lasting shield against salt, moisture, and other weather elements. This is best applied to new cars, but we can also apply it to old cars after we have done a thorough inspection to ensure that no rust has already started forming on the underbody.


Annual Oil Spray Treatment

We provide oil spray rust protection for all vehicles. You can choose between drip and drip-less oil spray treatment. This treatment covers the entire vehicle, including all areas that are not usually visible to the the car owner. Our oil spray treatment is affordable for all vehicle owners in Kitchener and it is recommended that it is applied at least once a year.


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At Dynomite we know how much your vehicle means to you, and that’s why we take every effort to make sure it’s maintained with care and precision. Our team is experienced, passionate, and always committed to delivering a high quality service. Contact us today if you’r looking for permanent car rust proofing or oil spray services in Kitchener Waterloo.