Complete Automotive Care

Buying or selling? We excel in pre-sale and after sale cleaning services.
Dynomite Detailing is the convenient, professional answer to Kitchener-Waterloo’s car care & protection needs.

At Dynomite Detailing in Kitchener we provide a wide range of auto detailing services such as oil spraying & permanent rust proofing for new and used vehicles as well as complete shampooing and detailing, polishing and waxing on cars, trucks, trailers and RV’s. We also specialize in removal of industrial fallout from over-spray. Read about car cleaning and other services below.

Automotive Detailing

Permanent Rust Proofing & Oil Spray

High Speed Buffing & Waxing

Motorcycle Detailing Now Available

RV Detailing Now Available

Visit Dynomite Detailing at our NEW Victoria Street North location in Kitchener, when your auto is in need of washing, waxing, interior, and exterior cleaning or Oil Spray and protective services.